Brett Klamer

Compile R for Data Science to a PDF

R for Data Science by Hadley Wickham and Garrett Grolemund introduces a modern workflow for data science using tidyverse packages from R. The source is available on GitHub and a version compiled for the web is at Even though the HTML format is nice, I still like to have a PDF around. Here’s how to compile it from the source. (Please consider buying a copy to support their work.)

These instructions assume you are using a Debian based OS and have R, LaTeX, and pandoc installed.

  1. Download the repository from

  2. From R, run

  3. From the command line, run

    sodu apt install phantomjs
  4. From TeX Live (or whatever TeX manager you use) make sure framed and titling are installed

    sudo env PATH="$PATH" tlmgr --gui
  5. Compile the book using

    # PDF
    bookdown::render_book("index.Rmd", output_format = "bookdown::pdf_book")
    # Static website
    bookdown::render_book("index.Rmd", output_format = "bookdown::gitbook")

My resulting PDF is 10.9MB and 412 pages as of 2016-10-31.

Published: 2016-10-31