Brett Klamer



2021-05 Q&A
2018-05 Server Setup for R
2017-11 Use This Not That
2016-10 Compile R for Data Science to a PDF
2015-10 A Reference List for Statistics
2015-09 Compile Hadley's ggplot2 Book to a PDF
2015-08 List of Listings for R Code in LaTeX
2015-07 Solutions for R Errors
2014-11 Getting Started With Julia
2014-10 Faster BLAS in R
2014-09 Print R Matrices in LaTeX Math Environments
2014-09 Compile Hadley's R Packages to a PDF
2014-08 Better Fonts in LaTeX and R Graphics
2014-07 How to Encrypt Data Before Sharing
2014-06 Configure Texmaker to use Knitr in Linux
2014-01 Free Statistics Books
2014-01 Reproducible Homework Template for LaTeX and Knitr
2014-01 R Style Guide
2013-12 Compile Hadley's Advanced R to a PDF
2013-08 Statistics Jobs Search
2013-04 Portable Statistical Document Folder


2021-03 Unison File Sync
2021-02 Financial Policy Statement
2020-11 ZFS Storage Drive
2020-08 The Complete Installation Guide for Xubuntu 20.04
2018-11 Remove Unwanted Android Apps
2018-10 Backups with Tarsnap
2018-07 The Complete Installation Guide for Xubuntu 18.04
2017-12 Email Sync With mbsync
2017-11 Raspberry Pi
2016-11 Backup Script in Batch
2016-10 MikroTik Router Setup
2016-07 Old School PBX
2016-04 The Complete Installation Guide for Xubuntu 16.04
2016-02 Interview Preparation
2015-12 Static Website Hosting on Amazon S3
2015-11 Remove PDF Watermarks
2015-04 Tips for Editing Product Images
2014-11 LaTeX Résumé Template
2014-10 Subset and Self-Host Web Fonts
2014-09 How to Use imageoptim in Middleman
2014-08 Introduction to Git
2014-06 The Complete Installation Guide for Xubuntu 14.04
2014-02 Install Eventmachine in Ruby 2 for Windows
2014-01 Install Middleman 3 on Windows
2013-08 Pure CSS Flyout/Dropdown Menu With Touch Compatibility
2013-06 Scan Text Documents With a Camera
2013-03 Photos